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School Kits


SRP Group is representing PHYWE SYSTEM in India.

PHYWE, a German company, was founded over a 100 years ago and is one of the largest global supplier of all products and training materials needed for teaching natural sciences, physics, biology and chemistry in schools and colleges.

Devices and experiments devised by PHYWE are deployed across the board from primary schools to universities wherever people teach, learn and do research.


PHYWE today has over:

  • 14500 customers in 95 countries.
  • Products for children from the age group of 11-19 years
  • Products in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences
  • More than 5000 devices and over 3000 experiments

YouTube video :- https://youtu.be/sZwVgRPg1Y4

Phywe Manual can be downloaded from Phywe Manual