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M/s. Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., a SRP Group Company is the Authorized Channel
partner and distributor in India for PHYWE kits.

PHYWE offers various comprehensive kits for all parts of the Chemistry curriculum.
6 sets with over 160 experiments encompassing all fields of Chemistry:

    General Chemistry

  • Chemical and material properties
  • Mixture and Separation
  • State of matter, diffusion
  • Fundamentals of chemical reactions (mass and energy turnover)
  • Detection reaction, ion detection
  • Chemical bond (polar, non-polar, ionic, covalent)
  • Periodicity and Chemical Properties
  • Chemistry and Environment
    Inorganic Chemistry
  • Air and Combustion
  • Water
  • Metals and alloys
  • Non-metals, gases and semi-metals
  • Acids and bases, proton transitions
  • Titrations
  • Salts
  • Redox reactions, electron transfer
    Organic Chemistry

  • Basics of Organics
  • Hydrocarbons and petrochemistry
  • Oxygenated Organic compounds
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Food Chemistry: fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Detergents, medicines, fragrances
    Physical Chemistry

  • Energy turnover in chemical reactions
  • Gas Laws
  • Calorimetry, energetics of chemical reactions
  • Kinetics of Chemical reactions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Equilibria
  • Spectroscopy and photometry
    The range of experiments help:

  • Prove / disprove various laws of chemistry
  • Test and measure fundamental parameters in chemistry
  • Understand various basic concepts through experimentation
  • Understand certain advanced concepts through exploration

These kits would be useful for Middle School Children to High School Children, Ages 11- 17

These kits are Cambridge and IB Curriculum compliant, and have been in schools across the
world for a few decades.

The digital SmartSense sensors, that can be coupled with multiple kits, help with easy
measurement, tracking, and data logging.

Access to CurricuLab is a huge sell for these sensors, as they have a repertoire of experiments,
observations, and explorative worksheets which help teachers and students gear towards varied
thought processes and learnings.