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M/s. Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., a SRP Group Company is the Authorized Channel partner and distributor in India for PHYWE kits.

PHYWE offers various comprehensive kits for all parts of the Physics curriculum.

18 sets with over 350 experiments encompassing all fields of physics:


  • Forces, simple machines
  • Mechanics of fluids and gases
  • Vibrations and waves
  • Linear motion
  • Circular motion

• Pg 36

The range of experiments help:

  • Prove/disprove various laws of physics
  • Test and measure fundamental parameters in physics
  • Understand various basic concepts through experimentation
  • Understand certain advanced concepts through exploration

These kits would be useful for Middle School Children to High School Children, Ages 11- 17 years.

These kits are Cambridge and IB Curriculum compliant and have been in schools across the world for a few decades.

The digital SmartSense sensors, that can be coupled with multiple kits, help with easy measurement, tracking, and data logging.

Access to CurricuLab is a huge sell for these sensors, as they have a repertoire of experiments, observations, and explorative worksheets which help teachers and students gear towards varied thought processes and learnings.