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Communication Technology

Communication Technology Training Systems

M/s. Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., a SRP Group Company is the Authorized Channel partner and distributor in India for the Engineering Training Systems from:

Exponential growth in the amount of information being transmitted is pushing rapid development in the telecommunications engineering field, especially in higher and higher operating frequencies that permit considerably greater bandwidths and faster data throughput. This information is transmitted via radio links, copper cables, fibre-optic cables, waveguides and microstrips.

Training goals of the Communications Technology Training system:

You will be able to impart training on all aspects of communication technology.

Training systems available:

  • Basics of telecommunication (Quadripoles, Filters, Operational Amplifiers, Converters)
  • Transmission lines (Coaxial, Fibre-optic, Microstrip, Radio, Waveguide)
  • Modulation and multiplexing Technology
  • Transmission and receiving technology
  • Radars
  • Network Technology
  • Practical work in Telecommunication
    • PBX systems
    • WLAN systems
    • Microwave WLAN systems
    • VOIP, ISDN, POTS training systems
  • Simulation Software

The flowing link has additional details on the training systems:


Who can use these systems?

ITI, Diploma, Engineering students, Faculty, Fresh graduates, manufacturing / maintenance / RnD engineers from the following can benefit:

  • IIT’s, NIT’s
  • Technological Universities
  • Premier Engineering colleges from Govt. & Private sector
  • ITIs, Polytechnics & Industrial training institutes
  • Companies in the public & private sector.

Students and faculty from the following engineering departments will benefit the most:

  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • IT Engineering

Benefits to you?

  • Industrial components
  • Interactive training material
  • Hands on practical learning
  • Test of knowledge with feedback

Applications of Telecommunication training system in the following industries:

  • Telecommunication Industry.

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