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Solar Energy

Solar Energy Training Systems

M/s. Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., a SRP Group Company is the Authorized Channel partner and distributor in India for the Engineering Training Systems from:

In times of soaring energy costs and increased environmental awareness, solar technology constitutes a very promising alternative to traditional power generation.

Renewable energy is inexhaustible & sustainable and hence the world is moving towards green technology.

Training goals of the Solar Energy Training system:

Our Solar energy training systems provide detailed education on photovoltaic technology and its current advances.

Training system covers the following content:

  • Functions and operating principles of Solar cells
  • Understanding of the characteristics of a solar module.
  • Dependance on temperature, irradiance & angle of incidence
  • Solar circuits (serial, parallel)
  • Solar cell materials.
  • Detailed photovoltaics course
  • Testing of Solar modules
  • Installation of Photo voltaic (PV) modules

The flowing link has additional details on the training systems:



Who can use these systems?

ITI, Diploma, Engineering students, Faculty, Fresh graduates, manufacturing / maintenance /RnD engineers from the following can benefit:

  • IIT’s, NIT’s
  • Technological Universities
  • Premier Engineering colleges from Govt. & Private sector
  • ITIs, Polytechnics & Industrial training institutes
  • Companies in the public & private sector.

Students and faculty from the following engineering departments will benefit the most:

  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Automation Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering

Benefits to you?

  • Industrial components
  • Interactive training material
  • Hands on practical learning
  • Test of knowledge with feedback

Applications of solar energy training system in the following industries:

  • Renewables Industry

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