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Blain Elevator Valves
Elevator Valve - E – 100 Block
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Elevator Valve

Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics, a SRP Group company is an authorized distributor for Elevator Valves from Blain Hydraulics in India

Blain Hydraulics, Since 1970 company has specialized in the design and manufacture of the finest and safest control valves, elevator valves for hydraulic elevators. It is a leading company offering a wide spectrum of accessories and solutions for the elevator industry.

From its modern manufacturing factory in Heilbronn, Germany high quality products are manufactured, meeting industry standards including CSA, EN-81.Further new developments as well as improvements to existing products are in progress to support the construction of still safer and smoother running elevators.

Blain is a global technology leader in:

  • Control systems for elevator Industry.

Blain Hydraulics’ Product range:

We currently carry large stocks for Blain Hydraulic product range including their premier models:

Elevator Valves:
  • EV100 ¾”-04
  • EV100 ¾”-05
  • KV1S20
  • KVS140
  • KV2P20
  • R10, ¾”
  • R10-.75 DK
  • H11 / 12

Elevator Valves / Control Valves from Blain Hydraulics:

For product technical information you can visit Web page: www.blain.de/index

Blain Hydraulics provides the following major industrial segments in the country:

  • Steel Plants and Steel Mills
  • Plastic Machine Manufacturers
  • Construction Machinery
  • Defense
  • Dredge Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Machine Tools Forming
  • Food and Packaging
  • Machine Tools Cutting
  • Marine
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Metallurgy
  • Wing Energy
  • Mining
  • Mobile Applications
  • Naval Technology
  • Ocean Energy
  • Offshore Technology
  • Plastics and Die Casting Machinery
  • Printing and Converting Machinery
  • Research Technology
  • Road Vehicle
  • Ship Lift Technology
  • Solar Technology
  • Textile Technology