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Brevini Fluid Power (SAM Orbital Motors, Aron Valves)
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V.P.S Brevini Mobile Valve-DC V/20

Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics, a SRP Group company is an authorized distributor for Brevini Fluid Power products in India

Brevini Fluid Power famous for their Hydraulic Orbital motors, represents as a group of five Italian companies of the fluid power field with over 30 years of experience in hydraulic components manufacturing. Its head quarters are in Reggio Emilia with branches in Italy, France, UK, Holland, Germany, Romania, China, India, Singapore and USA. The group comprise of following fluid power companies:

  • VPS Brevini is a leading company manufactured of Brevini mobile valves, directional control valves, in two versions: mono block and modular. Mono block, up to 6 selections, with flow rates 35 and 60 l/min. Modular with flow rates 35, 60, 100 and 200 l/min. All of them are suitable range for 350, and more, working pressure.A wide range of auxiliaries is available. Furthermore, included in the products range, are pumps and hydraulic remote controls.
  • S.A.M. Hydraulik, is one of the leaders in the field of the hydraulic transmission, offering a complete range of SAM orbital motors and power steering units, bent axis pumps and motors for medium and high pressure range, all characterized by excellent performances.
  • Aron S.P.A., The Company produces hydraulic and electronic systems such as: directional, pressure and flow controls; modular, cartridge, in line and bankable valves; electronic systems for mobile machinery to be installed on self-propelling machines and industrial applications.
  • Brevini Fluid Power: Company produces the most advanced proportional directional valves with inlet flow of 140 and 240 l/min. actually available on the valve market. At present, they are used for a wide range of industrial and outdoor applications.

All the components of the valves, including the electronics, are exclusively designed by Brevini Hydraulics which has got four internationally recognized patents.

Brevini Fluid Power Product range:

We currently carry large stocks for Brevini Fluid Power product range including their premier models:

  • Axial Piston Pump
  • Gear Pump
  • Axial Piston Motor
  • Orbital Motor
  • Gear Motor
  • Industrial Valve
  • Mobile Valve
  • Proportional Valve

Special Products from Brevini:

  • DCV20, DCV40, DCVMG/2 (V.P.S. Brevini)
  • BM-30/1, BM40/2, BM70/1/2 (BLB)
  • CETOP Valve (Aron)
  • Modular / Mono Valves (VPS Brevini)
  • BGM, BGS, BR, AR, HRS, HTS (SAM Hydrauik)
  • H1C, H1V, H2V ( SAM Hydrauik)

For product technical information you can visit Web page: (http://www.brevini.nl/contact/)
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Application for Brevini Fluid Power Product:

Brevini Fluid Power Product covers all your needs in the following sectors:

  • Construction and Earthmoving
  • Forestry
  • Demolitions
  • Mining Utility
  • Agriculture
  • Quarrying
  • Transportation Utility
  • Marine / Port Installation
  • Military
  • Cement Industry
  • Water / Chemical Industry
  • Energy / Petrochemicals
  • Food/ beverages
  • Industrial Equipments