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Logistics & Warehousing

The Indian automobile industry continues to experience good growth in all its segments (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, passenger cards, commercial vehicles)

In 2012 the Indian automobile industry sold over 4 million vehicles and over 13 million 2 wheelers. The growth rate for overall domestic sales for 2011-12 was 12% amounting to 17,376,624 vehicles.

In 2012, the industry exported 2,910,055 automobiles registering a growth of 25%. Passenger Vehicles registered growth at 14% in this period. Commercial Vehicles, Three Wheelers and Two Wheelers segments recorded growth of 25%, 34% and 27% respectively during April-March 2012. For the first time in history car exports crossed half a million in a financial year.

This domestic growth, fueled with the recent influx of international car manufacturers entering India coupled with the growing exports has created a huge need for Finished Vehicle Logistics & Warehousing services.

The logistics market in India was valued at Rs. 5.62 trillion in 2010 and is forecast to grow at CAGR of over eight per cent over the next five years. World Bank has ranked India 47th among 150 countries, in terms of logistics performance in 2010 and its potential in the future. It is forecast to grow annually at a rate of 15 to 20% to reach Rs. 17 trillion by 2015.

Since 1996 SRP Group has been playing an important role in bringing these vehicles to market and it is currently a leading services provider dealing with a wide variety of vehicles ranging from cars, utility vehicles, pickup trucks to tractors, light commercial vehicles, intermediate commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles as well as excavators, dump trucks and other special vehicles such as urban transport and army transport vehicles.

Our services include all aspects of operations from the time the vehicle is manufactured, up until the time it is handed over to the dealer, fleet owner or end customer.

Our services are broadly divided into these categories :

  • Fleet Management / Motor Pool Management / Vehicle yard management
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics
  • Warehousing

All over India SRP group of companies are providing these unseen elements of the automotive supply chain adding value for their customers and enabling manufacturers, dealerships, fleet and and more control and confidence in their logistics processes

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