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Finished Vehicle Logistics

Finished Vehicle Logistics

With the recent high growth in the national economy, the Indian automobile industry is now a significant player with more than 2.5 million vehicles sold annually. This domestic growth, along with the recent influx of international car manufacturers entering India has created a huge need for Finished Vehicle Logistics & Warehousing services.

Since 1996 SRP Group has been playing an important role in bringing these vehicles to market and it is currently a leading services provider dealing with a wide variety of vehicles ranging from cars, utility vehicles, pick-up trucks to tractors, light commercial vehicles, intermediate commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles as well as excavators, dump trucks and other special vehicles such as urban transport and army transport vehicles.

Our services include all aspects of operations from the time the vehicle is manufactured, up until the time it is handed over to the dealer, fleet owner or end customer.

  • Data Collection
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Customization
  • Pre-delivery Inspection
  • Track & Trace
  • Inspect & Collect

Data Collection :
Our operations start from the manufacturing sites all over the country, from where information on vehicles leaving the production line is collected, converted into electronic data, and then uploaded into our systems. Batch produced cars coming out the factory often need more work done on them to ensure they meet the many different requirements of the local agencies, dealers and customers. To help optimize this process of customization, manufacturers pass their data to SRP Group which then orders the necessary parts and sets aside the workshop hours even before the vehicle leaves the assembly line.

Transportation :
Once the vehicles are ready, they join other such vehicles to make up a consignment that is transported by road often involving SRP Group strategic partners, venture companies, shipping lines or freight companies. Throughout this process, the details of the shipment are passed between all the locations involved and SRP Group to ensure complete visibility in the supply chain.

Warehousing :
Once the vehicles arrive at a SRP Group distribution center, they are then electronically tagged and allocated a specific storage bay. Electronic data plays an important role in ensuring that each vehicle is carefully catalogued and easy to find when it is ready to be serviced or taken to a dealership.

Once all the cars are stripped of any protective transportation covering, they undergo a variety of customizations to match the needs of the final car owner or the technical specifications of the local agencies. As part of this process relevant local language documents and manuals are added following which all customer modifications are executed. These can be as comprehensive as the refit of the interior upholstery, the installation of an stereo or security system, all the way to the simple requests such as the addition of the local dealers papers and logos.

Pre-Delivery Inspection:
Once customized, the vehicle is finally checked mechanically to ensure safety as part of the pre-delivery inspection process and then dispatched along with other vehicles enroute to the same destination.

Track & Trace :
Electronic data plays an important role in this process letting SRP work out the best way to get the car to the customer so that it is delivered on time and cost effectively. Whether it arrives at the dealership, rental station or at the end user by Individual plated delivery, as part of a specialized covered consignment, or on the back of multi car transporters the movement can be monitored all the way.

This ability to track and trace the vehicle allows the dealership to provide a higher level of service to the customer, confident that the car will be delivered at the right time and in the right place.

Inspect & Collect:
Once delivered, many vehicles are used by the service companies and the rental companies over a brief period of time. These cars will often need refurbishment before they can be re sold and SRP Group can help in arranging an inspection and collection service for the same. This analysis will help assess any work required and arrange for the vehicle to be refurbished so that the maximum resale value can be achieved. Having already been thru the SRP system, the vehicle history can be checked and necessary Work undertaken before its ready for remarketing.

All over India SRP group of companies are providing these unseen elements of the automotive supply chain adding value for their customers and enabling manufacturers, dealerships, fleet and and more control and confidence in their logistics processes.