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Real estate

Shashitab Consultants Pvt. Ltd. operates through making investments in land, business centres, rental apartments, motels and hotels in rapidly developing nations around the world, especially India.

This division was incorporated in 1996 to capitalize on the tremendous growth of real estate and hospitality sectors all over the world.

A tremendous demand has been created since the emergence of India as an economic power house and the influx of investments from MNC’s from around the globe

With the emergence of India as a global player, the Indian tourism industry has taken a sharp upturn in recent years. To provide for the growing needs of accommodation in the Indian society, Shashitab Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has recently ventured into the rental and hospitality business.


With various properties all over India and North America, Shashitabh owns over 300 acres of land. As a part of the exponentially growing Indian market, Shashitabh covers all facets of real estate investments, from land ownership to leasing, from rental apartments to budget hotels and business centres.

Shashitabh investment sectors:

Shashitabh is a leader in personalized real-estate needs for the customer. Owning ~100 acres of land, we diversify in offering various services including residential and commercial rental property.

Our executive residential rental properties at strategic locations in India and abroad have contemporary interiors and hand-picked exclusive art décors.

Our commercial properties are located in the financial centres of the cities, making them ideal locations for most business dealings.

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